The sole work of La Loba is the collecting of bones. She is known to collect and preserve especially that which is in danger of being lost to the world.
— Clarissa Pinkola Estés, La Loba: The Wolf Woman

Bone by Bone Creative is a boutique digital agency that provides one-of-a kind solutions for brands that are looking to come to life. 

The term “brick by brick” refers to building something,  with Bone by Bone we wish to do the same by  assembling the skeleton that is your brand or business creating online opportunity that not only comes alive but that is truly flourishing. 

Your brand becomes our brand the minute it is placed in our hands and  together we build with care and commitment, a formidable online presence. 


Our services include:

· Social Media (strategy, design and execution)

· Digital and Print Design

. Social Media Boost Workshops 

. Website Creation 

. Comprehensive Digital Marketing Plans